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Welcome to the Why Urology podcast with Dr. Todd Brandt.

This podcast is my personal attempt to teach you about your genito-urinary tract, what can go wrong, and how your urologist may just become your superhero.

The name of the podcast comes from my ongoing need to answer the question that I get so often from patients, friends, and family, “Why Urology? Why did you choose to become a urologist?”

Dec 25, 2019

In this episode I have a discussion with Dr. Edward Uchio urologic oncologist currently serving as the Director of Clinical Research in the University of Calfornia, Irvine Department of Urology.

Dr. Uchio was willing to sit down with me for a remote interview to talk about focal treatment of prostate cancer.

According tho the American Cancer Society 175, 000 men each year who will be faced with the question of how to treat their prostate cancer.

Historically that question was: should I take the prostate out or radiate it? These treatments, even with newer technologies, can have significant implications for men when the entire prostate is treated. Side effects include changes to both urinary and sexual function.

Enter a new idea. Focal therapy of prostate cancer. What if we just treated that portion of the prostate that had the cancer?

By treating just one part of the prostate we can limit the side effects that treatments such as total prostate removal or radiation of the prostate create. Sounds great, right?

Well...the technology may not be applicable broadly for treatment of all prostate cancers

 I am very appreciative to Dr. Uchio for being patient and persistent to pull this interview off.