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Welcome to the Why Urology podcast with Dr. Todd Brandt.

This podcast is my personal attempt to teach you about your genito-urinary tract, what can go wrong, and how your urologist may just become your superhero.

The name of the podcast comes from my ongoing need to answer the question that I get so often from patients, friends, and family, “Why Urology? Why did you choose to become a urologist?”

Aug 31, 2019

What is Peyronie’s Disease? Peyronie’s’ disease is a condition of scarring in the shaft of the penis, specifically a layer called the tunica albuginea. The scarring is a disorganized, excessive deposition of collagen that results in formation of a collagen plaque. Peyronie’s disease most often manifests in a triad of symptoms: pain, bending of the penis with an erection, and a palpable lump on the penis. Peyronie’s disease may also result in changes in shape such as narrowing on one or both sides of the penis, and erection trouble such as not being able to get an erection that is hard-enough for penetration or difficulty in maintaining an erection.

Treatment for Peyronie’s disease is usually initiated for a penis that is unusable, either because it’s too soft or to crooked.

The American Urological Association has published guidelines for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease that can be accessed online. I will put a link in the show notes.