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I am Dr. Todd Brandt. I am a urologist. 

These are words I couldn't have imagined myself saying as I was growing up thinking about medicine as a career. 

And I have been asked many, many times why I went into urology as a medical specialty. In this podcast I attempt to explain how I got here. Why did I choose urology as a specialty? Why do I like it? Why, if you are someone with a urinary tract, should you care? Get it? Why Urology.

This podcast is a personal experiment in medical audio content. I make the obvious disclaimer that this is not medical advice. You should be going to your own physician for that.

These episodes are meant to educate, entertain, inspire or inform you in some way with urology as the launching point for each episode. Each episode is varied in format and length as I have experimented with content. 

Listen, follow, share, rate, review, know what to do.

If you have kidney stones, or prostate cancer, or another urologic health concern this podcast may help you.

If you have a loved one with any urologic health concern this podcast may help you. 

If you are someone who has asked, "How does my bladder do it's thing?", this podcast may help you.

If you make urine, or even if you don't, this podcast may help you.

Thank you for listening to this podcast. I do appreciated any feedback I get so please reach out to me at the link provided on this website. 

Be well,

Dr. Todd Brandt

Dec 31, 2016

 It’s New Year’s Eve 2016.

I want to start this episode and thank those listeners and supporters of this podcast over the last six months. I am both surprised and humbled by the number of downloads we continue to get on a daily basis. This little pet project of mine seems to have grown some wings. I hope you’re finding these episodes educational and informative. I appreciate your sharing the episodes you enjoy the most. 

Thank you for listening.

This morning I sat down and wrote some personal goals for 2017. One of those goals is to continue this podcast through the next year.

I also wrote down some specific resolutions for the podcast itself. I hope that by sharing these it will encourage you to continue to listen and share these episodes next year.

  1. I would like to produce 26 episodes next year. Look for an episode every other week. 
  1. I hope to bring in other voices to this podcast. Look for more interviews next year.
  1. I plan to supplement the audio with more visual material.   Look for expanded show notes and possibly a website.
  1. I want the other voices I bring in to cover the full range of Urology. Look for discussion about topics beyond men’s health
  1. I seek to get more of your feedback. Look for more ways to interact next year.

Those are my five goals for this podcast for 2017: 26 episodes, more interviews, add more visual material, expand topics, and get your feedback. These are ambitious goals. I have a lot of work to do.

 For 2016, thank you for listening!


Happy New Year!