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Welcome to the Why Urology podcast with Dr. Todd Brandt.

This podcast is my personal attempt to teach you about your genito-urinary tract, what can go wrong, and how your urologist may just become your superhero.

The name of the podcast comes from my ongoing need to answer the question that I get so often from patients, friends, and family, “Why Urology? Why did you choose to become a urologist?”

Dec 30, 2017

Happy New Year!

This is a quick episode to close 2017.  I want to thank all of those who listened to the podcast this year. I appreciate the positive feedback I have received.  Thank you.

If you have been listening this year you know we have gone a little deep into the history of urology this year as the Journal...

Dec 16, 2017

Today I want to turn our discussion to Kidney Cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute there are three main types of kidney cancer. Renal cell cancer is the most common type in adults and Wilm’s tumors are the most common in children. These types form in the tissues of the kidney. Transitional cell cancer,...