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I am Dr. Todd Brandt. I am a urologist. 

These are words I couldn't have imagined myself saying as I was growing up thinking about medicine as a career. 

And I have been asked many, many times why I went into urology as a medical specialty. In this podcast I attempt to explain how I got here. Why did I choose urology as a specialty? Why do I like it? Why, if you are someone with a urinary tract, should you care? Get it? Why Urology.

This podcast is a personal experiment in medical audio content. I make the obvious disclaimer that this is not medical advice. You should be going to your own physician for that.

These episodes are meant to educate, entertain, inspire or inform you in some way with urology as the launching point for each episode. Each episode is varied in format and length as I have experimented with content. 

Listen, follow, share, rate, review, know what to do.

If you have kidney stones, or prostate cancer, or another urologic health concern this podcast may help you.

If you have a loved one with any urologic health concern this podcast may help you. 

If you are someone who has asked, "How does my bladder do it's thing?", this podcast may help you.

If you make urine, or even if you don't, this podcast may help you.

Thank you for listening to this podcast. I do appreciated any feedback I get so please reach out to me at the link provided on this website. 

Be well,

Dr. Todd Brandt

Feb 19, 2017

This month the Journal of Urology is celebrating its one-hundredth year of existence. 

 The Journal of Urology was founded in 1917 by Dr. Hugh Hampton Young  

In the early 1900s Urology as a specialty was still in its infancy and Dr. Young felt strongly that the field needed a journal of its own to publish research being done by his department at Johns Hopkins as well as by others around the country.

The foreword in the first issue stated,

“The title of this publication, the ‘Journal of Urology— Experimental, Medical, and Surgical’ expresses briefly the aims, hopes, and ambition of the editors . . .. It is evident that some common meeting place is extremely desirable—some medium in which all types of papers upon the field of common interest may appear—archives of urology—historical, embryological, anatomical, biochemical, pharmacological, pathological, bacteriological, surgical and medical, experimental, and clinical.

Such is what we hope to accomplish in the Journal of Urology …”

For the hundredth anniversary the Journal of Urology editorial team chose a series of articles to be reprinted, along with an editorial comment, that were some of the most impactful papers published in the last century. You can find and read the articles for free at a website set up by the American Urological Association in honor of the 100th anniversary (

In this episode we explore the life of Dr. Hugh Hampton Young.

A historical article  on the life of Hugh Hampton Young was used to provide some of the facts of Dr. Young's life and can be found in the Journal of Urology, Vol. 169, 458–464, February 2003DOI: 10.1097/01.ju.0000045226.67511.71