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Welcome to the Why Urology podcast with Dr. Todd Brandt.

This podcast is my personal attempt to teach you about your genito-urinary tract, what can go wrong, and how your urologist may just become your superhero.

The name of the podcast comes from my ongoing need to answer the question that I get so often from patients, friends, and family, “Why Urology? Why did you choose to become a urologist?”

Sep 30, 2017

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Although September is nearly over I wanted to sneak in a quick episode relevant to Prostate Cancer. Prostate Cancer is the leading cancer in men after skin cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute 160, 000 men will be diagnosed this year with prostate cancer and...

Sep 2, 2017

Odds are that 1 in 10 of us will one day get a kidney stone within our lifetime. Your chances of having a kidney stone increase if you are white, middle-aged, obese, have previously had a kidney stone, have a family history of stones, or live in a hot climate. A kidney stone is a jagged crystal that grows from the...