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​You see most people don’t think about the urinary tract until something goes terribly wrong: a kidney stone,a pain in the pelvis, blood in the urine, burning or pain with urination, infertility, or cancer. But the urinary tract or the general urinary tract is in fact quite incredible. For instance, the kidneys constantly filter urine and transport it through the ureters to the bladder which patiently stores it. When the bladder is full the bladder contracts and empties. So simple. It all works so seamlessly. until it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t you need a good urologist.
You see, a urologist is a doctor who specializes in the genito-urinary tract: kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate, penis, urethra, and testicles. We are primarily a surgical specialty but we do quite a bit of clinical work as well. We treat cancers of the kidney, bladder, prostate and testes. We treat kidney stones, incontinence, impotence, voiding and pelvic floor dysfunction. We treat BPH or the enlarged prostate. We treat infertility, infections, pediatric urology and we treat the voiding dysfunction associated with neurologic disease. We treat the old and the young, women as well as men. The broad range of diseases that we treat as well as the broad range of people that we see make this an interesting specialty.
And when you can’t pee? Yep. We are there for that too.
Treatment of urologic disease goes back to antiquity, but Urology is also a progressive field introducing and employing many new innovations to medicine.
It’s a pretty good gig.
That’s Why Urology.]]>
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